Tuesday, April 22, 2014

R is for Role-Play

Born into the arms of love,
Hopefully a child of love,
Ah, I am being hailed as a daughter,
That surely means that I am loved.
I am a daughter I am told,
The one who holds the flag
Of not one but of two families high,
I am the sister,
I tie the rakhi to my brother,
Because it is he who is the protector,
But it is I who has to protect,
To shield him, from the parents,
After a brawl at school, or a drunken night out
With his friends;
I am the wife to the one,
With whom I am to spend the rest of my life,
Holding fort for him and his family alike,
Then I am a mother,
Giving birth to new life,
Protecting it nurturing it,
Hoping for the best for the rest of her life;
And, then, I lie in the bed,
Ready to embrace thy death,
Satisfied that I have played all the roles,
(hoping) really well;
I close my eyes,
To reflect the past,
To see me playing the roles;
Of daughter, sister,
Wife, and mother;
And then I jolt back up,
Only to realize,
That all my life,
I was nothing, but a ‘role’,
In someone else’s life;
Who was I? Where was I?
The woman who loved to dance,
The one who had dreams to lead,
The next super power;
The one, who thought, that,
There was no end to possibilities;
Till of course, came the game to role play;
Playing all the roles only too well,
Losing yourself, immersing yourself,
In characters assigned to me;
Forgetting who I was, and now,
Not believing,
Who I am!
What is life, but role play,
The Seven Stages, called by
Don’t empower us to freedom;
Just empower us to believe,
There is more to us;
Mere role plays!

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Beth Lapin said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing.